fresh prints from the north wing

the headlands 
above 280

john's camera 
from the fifth street parking lot, rosa

nate keck

toxic beach at dusk - with karla and manuel

My scanner is pretty much the wackest link in the chain right now. Which is all well and good because I'm sick of scanning negatives. Prints only, from now on! . .mostly.

The first two -skip one, and the next two are on old Agfa Protriga Graded Paper. It has this weird woven texture, its pretty creamy looking, and it is an odd size; about 3x5. Anything printed on this paper immediately makes the photo feel like a thing -an "object." Its kinda awesome.

That last picture is of this little cove-thing in the Dogpatch we used to call Toxic Beach. It's called something else now and they cleaned it all up the new fancies living down there. But it still has seemingly hundreds of tires at the beach head there. And we hung out and watched all these seagulls eating food as the tide came in. 
Just sayin..

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